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Active tourism in Spain
Active recreation and rural tourism in Spain is a godsend for tourists who are "tired" of hotels and a predictable holiday resort on the coast of the Iberian Peninsula! Holidays…

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Mussomeli, Lokana and other Italian cities
Not so long ago, the public stirred the news that the authorities of the Italian town of Sambuca, located on the southern island of Sicily, decided to sell empty houses…

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From spa relaxation in Mauritius
Psychologists are sure that the best way to test your partner and relationship is to travel together. At the same time, some advise extreme relaxation, while others, on the contrary,…

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The ten best hotels in the world

For any connoisseur of luxury, a five-star hotel is an important component of his trip. No matter where you go, everywhere you can stay in hotels that literally bathe in wealth and create the appropriate atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

This article provides a list of unique hotels in the world of travelers. As you will see, it is not necessary that the best hotels are considered the most expensive or the most luxurious. The hotel, first of all, should attract a tourist for a trip to a particular place! Continue reading

Safari in Africa

Safari, like hunting wild animals, originated in the nineteenth century. This term was coined by Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, an English explorer, when high-class gentlemen enjoy hunting and killing animals in their natural habitat for that. Safari made it possible to prove his masculinity and hang a bag of hunting trophies on the wall in the library.

Currently, fortunately, there are not so many among us who consider hunting for amazing creatures of Africa as a sport, but we still like to experience the adventures of chasing and watching animals in the wild. Continue reading

Luxury Cruises in Europe

Those planning a luxury vacation in Europe should pay attention to the Royal Caribbean Cruises cruise line. This company provides vacationers with apartments of the highest level. The provided comfortable vessels meet the highest requirements. They are expertly decorated and extremely attractive in appearance, which makes this cruise line very popular.

For travelers, Royal Caribbean has long been associated with a great vacation. No matter what your destination is. You can very well expect that this line will give you what you are looking for. On these ships you will be offered a wide variety of cabins. Continue reading

Black Sea Cruises

There are many interesting cruise routes along the Black Sea. Here you will see famous sights that will help you relax and usefully. In Ukraine, one of the most remarkable places is the Swallow’s Nest, located near Yalta. Only small vessels go through the Balaklava Bay and the waters of Crimea. Arriving in Romania, you will get acquainted with the great city of Constanta, a peculiar entrance to Bucharest. The high level of the Danube River allows you to fully enjoy your journey in the river delta. Your ship will go through the main tributary and you see the Danube, which is the longest river in the European Union. You can also visit the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Romania. Continue reading

Traveling in Altai

On Earth there are few such wonderful places as Altai. This is a large mountainous country in the center of Asia, on the territory of four states: Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. We, in Russia, have two Altai – two subjects of the federation with the name “Altai”: the Altai Territory and the Republic of Altai. Until 1991, they were one: the Gorno-Altai region, as an autonomy, was part of the Altai Territory. And now each subject demonstrates its importance. But it takes few tourists. They are attracted to Big Altai – a virgin corner of nature on the outskirts of Russia: the highest mountains, clear rivers, emerald lakes, local identities and proud people. Continue reading

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Canary Islands
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Tourism in India
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Black Sea Cruises
There are many interesting cruise routes along the Black Sea. Here you will see famous sights that will help you relax and usefully. In Ukraine, one of the most remarkable…