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Safari in Africa
Safari, like hunting wild animals, originated in the nineteenth century. This term was coined by Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, an English explorer, when high-class gentlemen enjoy hunting and killing…

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Holidays in the Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands - an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, 972 km west of Ecuador, consisting of 19 large and small islands. A large number of tourists the archipelago attracts with…

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6 countries where you can relax with a modest budget
This selection will be relevant not only for those who choose where to spend the next two weeks of vacation, but also for those who are looking at destinations where…

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5 countries where you will definitely forget about the autumn spleen

If all you dream about in November is to spend days reading your favorite books, taking leisurely walks along the seashore and tasting local delicacies, then we know how to help you. Especially for those who want to escape from the autumn spleen, we have put together several directions that will help you regain your senses and cheer up.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Flight from Moscow and back (with 1 change): from 50 000 rubles

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Where to escape from the cold

If the freezing temperatures, snowdrifts, lack of sunshine and multilayer clothes inspire you, then it’s time to look at those countries where the beach season is in full swing. The editors of chose several relevant areas that will please even those who are not ready to pay fabulous sums for holidays.
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5 exotic countries

We do not mean any extreme or especially dangerous destinations in which experienced travelers feel uncomfortable, to say nothing of beginners. talked with travel experts and found out what exotic open spaces should look to those who have been only in the near abroad and really dream (but are afraid) to visit something non-standard and memorable.
Let’s start right away with heavy “artillery”. Parents scared you too when you were a child, saying that if you don’t obey, they will send you to Africa, where danger lies in wait at every step? Many people, remembering their childhood fears, never dare to visit this amazing country, and in vain. No, vigilance, of course, you should not lose, but, however, as in any other place on the map. Travelers, who first arrived in Tanzania, are encouraged to talk about how they watched the first rays of the sun, being directly in the crater of the Ngorongoro volcano, extinct more than 2.5 million years ago, or how they met a herd of graceful antelopes, wayward zebras, peculiar hyenas, royal leopards, amazing flamingos and, of course, lions. And after all the words of admiration for contemplating the African nature are over, you can go straight to Masai to see how and what this tribe lives today, to learn welcome dance and to understand what real “African passions” are. Continue reading

Beautiful vacation without fuss

If you have not yet decided where to spend your next vacation, and sort through many options, dreaming of finding something amazing by the sea, then our review will definitely come in handy. The editors of examined the five-star Ela Quality Resort Belek – one of the most worthy hotels on the Antalya coast of Turkey and found out why this is the best place to relax with children or a romantic weekend.
At a time when the exchange rate is rapidly creeping up, and our salaries are going down, you will think a few times before deciding on any adventure in the form of travel. And if the price tag in Europe brings down the whole romantic mood, then the same Turkey, for example, appears in a very favorable light – the absence of visas, a short flight, the opportunity to explore architectural sights or enjoy a beach holiday on the all inclusive system makes this country very attractive in the eyes of those who just tied the knot or those who have already acquired the long-awaited heirs and dream of a quiet family relaxation. And so that the vacation was not hopelessly spoiled, you need to carefully select (and picky) the right hotel. We tell you why the five-star Ela Quality Resort Belek can be a great option. Continue reading

Top 7 countries women shouldn’t travel alone

Even if your friends or a young man cannot keep you company, this does not mean that you should say goodbye to dreams of relaxation and sit down in the city for the next two weeks. But so that your trip is not hopelessly spoiled, the choice of direction should be approached as responsibly as possible. compiled a ranking of countries where women should not go alone. For your own good!
It would seem, what dangers can the fair sex in one of the most developed countries in the world? However, there are negative aspects and there are not so few of them. The most courageous and brave tourists who, in which case, know how to behave in a particular situation, usually tend to get into this reserved corner of the Earth. Continue reading

Camping in Europe
Traveling in Western Europe is usually an expensive pleasure. It does not matter whether you live in a European country and want to explore the neighboring countries, or you come…


Souvenir mysticism
While Russian gourmets mourn the fact that they want to be deprived of the opportunity to bring their favorite jamon and cheese from abroad (exclusively for personal use, of course),…


Mussomeli, Lokana and other Italian cities
Not so long ago, the public stirred the news that the authorities of the Italian town of Sambuca, located on the southern island of Sicily, decided to sell empty houses…


Islands of the Canary Archipelago
The largest island and the most popular resort is Tenerife, located in the heart of the entire archipelago. Like all other islands, Tenerife is formed by a volcanic method. This…