Islands of the Canary Archipelago
The largest island and the most popular resort is Tenerife, located in the heart of the entire archipelago. Like all other islands, Tenerife is formed by a volcanic method. This…

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Mussomeli, Lokana and other Italian cities
Not so long ago, the public stirred the news that the authorities of the Italian town of Sambuca, located on the southern island of Sicily, decided to sell empty houses…

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Beautiful vacation without fuss
If you have not yet decided where to spend your next vacation, and sort through many options, dreaming of finding something amazing by the sea, then our review will definitely…

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7 countries where you will also be “paid” if you decide to move there

Perhaps it sounds somewhat absurd, but there are several countries in the world that are ready to provide material support to all those who decide to settle on their territory. True, not everything is so simple and it will be necessary to observe several key points. Read more about where you are waiting with open arms – in the material
Asturias, Spain
The small village of Ponga, located in the province of Asturias in the north-east of Spain, is famous not only for being one of the oldest settlements in the country and located in the protected area, but also for its generous (literally) hospitality. The thing is that the authorities of this locality dream of changing the economic and demographic situation, so they are ready to pay € 3,000 to each pair of lovers who are ready to settle in this wonderful place. And if the spouses have an heir, then they get another € 3 thousand (and so on for every child born in the village). By the way, this proposal has already interested a large number of lovers of beautiful landscapes, ancient buildings and connoisseurs of pure ecology.

Bormida, north of Italy

We have already said that the authorities of many Italian towns are ready to offer everyone a property for the price of a cup of coffee, but in the village of Bormida, located in the province of Savona (80 kilometers from the city of Genoa), they decided to go even further and “lure” residents with using generous payments (€ 2 thousand) and attractive prices for rental apartments (from € 50 to € 120 per month). And despite the fact that there is practically no work in the settlement (because of which, in fact, the locals left there in search of a better life), many people from different countries whose professional activity involves the ability to work remotely decided to take this opportunity. True, they are all interested in one nuance – is there a high-speed Internet connection in the village and if there are any interruptions in cellular communications.

Michigan State

For lovers of America, we also found a very interesting offer. For example, the city of Detroit, which in the second half of the 20th century was called the “Paris of the West” and the “Automotive Capital of the USA”, is currently experiencing hard times and is trying to regain its former glory by all means. The city’s authorities even developed a special Challenge Detroit program, which should attract specialists from various industries. It is assumed that professionals who choose Detroit as a place to live and work will be paid $ 2.5 thousand and will provide all kinds of support during the adaptation period.

Mishima, Japan

The authorities of the small Japanese village of Mishima, where about 400 people live, dream of “rejuvenating” the population and offering daredevils about $ 840 and monthly payments in the first three years after the move (so to speak, as support and moral compensation). However, many young people are frightened by the fact that, in fact, on three small islands (where the settlement itself is located) there are no prospects and entertainment and it is unclear what you can do there after the move (except to develop agriculture).

Saskatchewan, Canada

In this fifth and sixth largest population of the province, the country will welcome young professionals who have just received a diploma and have not yet found where to apply their knowledge and talents. Local authorities offer novice professionals to move to them for the next 7 years (in the hope that they will remain there further) and receive about $ 20,000 as lifting money. And if you also dreamed of moving to Canada and try your hand there, then you can familiarize yourself with the basic criteria and requirements for immigrating to this area (all information is indicated in the provincial immigration program).

Matsiker Island, Australia

The authorities of Tasmania also invite everyone to live on the island of Matsiker, whose area is 1.86 km². On this small island, surrounded by greenery, you will be provided with housing and work (for example, to maintain the lighthouse located there, provide meteorological reports, monitor the land and buildings). This offer is only suitable for those who are not attracted by the lights of the big city, and who are ready to give up all kinds of entertainment in exchange for unity with nature and meditation.

Pitcairn Islands, South Pacific

Another option for lovers of a quiet life away from prying eyes is the Pitcairn Islands, located in the South Pacific (relatively close to New Zealand). According to the latest data, only 50 people live here, so you will be guaranteed to be given land for building a house and will provide all kinds of support (while you will adapt to island life).

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