Top 7 most underrated and inexpensive countries for curious tourists
If you prefer to relax exclusively in Europe, but have a very modest budget, then you should not change your plans or refuse to travel at all. has chosen…

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Top 7 most underrated and inexpensive countries for curious tourists

If you prefer to relax exclusively in Europe, but have a very modest budget, then you should not change your plans or refuse to travel at all. has chosen several countries with no less rich history and culture than, say, Italy, Germany, France or the Czech Republic, which tourists undeservedly deprive of their attention.
Bosnia and Herzegovina
If you dream not only to admire the numerous monuments of architecture, to taste local delicacies, but also to enjoy stunning picturesque views, having spent at least your budget on all this, then you should visit this small country in southeastern Europe, in which about 4 million people live . And start your journey, perhaps, with Mostar – a unique city located in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where two cultures, European and Asian, coexist wonderfully.


This country will also be able to impress you with its history, traditions and natural beauties. So, for example, lovers of beauty should definitely look into Belgrade, where there are many attractions, museums, ancient monasteries, restaurants for every taste and budget. For lovers of non-trivial routes, a trip to mountain Serbia to the small village of Mokra Gora is more suitable, where not far from the narrow-gauge railway station connecting Belgrade and Sarajevo, the famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica built the village of Mechavnik, where you can learn more about the Balkan culture and, in fact, the films themselves Kusturitsy.


Those who choose a vacation without fuss, unity with nature and leisurely walks can go to Slovakia. It is in this country, located in Central Europe, within the Western Carpathians, you will find botanical gardens, national parks and mountain caves, original cuisine, as well as the lack of crowds of annoying tourists. Therefore, you can safely explore all the sights for your pleasure.


This country, until recently considered one of the most closed in Europe, is ideal for lovers of a mild climate and beach holidays. Despite the fact that in this hidden pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, where there are about 300 sunny days a year, tourism is not very developed, every traveler will find something to his liking. The picturesque beaches of the Adriatic, the cozy and memorable capital of Tirana, the rich nature and cultural attractions, generous cuisine and low prices will make you come back here again and again.


Luxurious palaces, beach resorts, national parks and cozy medieval streets will not leave indifferent even the most demanding tourist. This one of the small Baltic countries, located in the north-east of Europe, boasts Jurmala – the resort area, which is rightfully considered the pearl of Latvia. And if you are looking for an “elegant” vacation, coupled with a moderate “excursion” and original local cuisine, then you should definitely pay a visit to the country beloved by many since Soviet times.


Ladies who want to feel like a princess and find themselves in a real fairy tale, we recommend to go to this small country, in the territory of which there are about 100 castles open for visiting. In addition, you can combine business with pleasure and after familiarizing yourself with the main attractions, arrange yourself a wellness day. To do this, you need to plan a stop on your route in the famous town of Mondorf-les-Bains, which is famous for its miraculous thermal spa treatments.


These 160 square kilometers of absolute happiness will suit those who seek not only active recreation, but also peace and unity with nature. The Principality in Central Europe, which is one of the smallest states on Earth, will surely appeal to lovers of skiing (there is a whole museum dedicated to skiing), as well as those who can not imagine their trip without visiting medieval castles. Here you will find two whole impressive options – Vaduz and Gutenberg.

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