Canary Islands
Resorts of the Canary Islands are now in great demand, primarily due to the ideal climate. Canaries are located in the heart of the tropics and in the trade wind…

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7 most overrated sights of the world
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Venice Carnival
Venice Carnival (Carnevale di Venezia) is an annual festival held in Venice in February. The carnival begins about two weeks before the Ash Wednesday (in the Latin rite of the…

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Paradise for two

In May, the most romantic season of the year begins – the wedding! Thousands of couples will go down the aisle, and if you are among them, then it’s time to think about a honeymoon.
There are several options for a romantic vacation – you can explore the historical nooks of Europe, go on vacation off the coast of the ocean or, without suffering a visa, combine both of them – fly to Turkey. Yes Yes! It may seem that this country is not able to offer something new, but in fact, not only all inclusive and beach vacations are developed here. In addition, Turkey has unique spas competing with Thai and Balinese, and outdoor activities are considered one of the most excellent. We took all the best from this country and came up with the perfect scenario for an unforgettable trip together.

We are looking for a hotel
Planet of resorts – so can be called Turkey. There are so many beautiful hotels here that it is really difficult to choose any particular one. For help, we turn to the tourist rating: the most popular are, of course, the resorts of Antalya and Alanya, but after all, the honeymoon is something special and even intimate, and therefore it is worth choosing a unique place. The most suitable is the area of ​​the city of Belek – in the ranking he took the line of one of the most elite and privileged.

It combines the main advantages of Turkey – mild climate, hospitable service, total “all inclusive” and amazing hotel complexes, spread out on a long pier of the Mediterranean Sea.

We determine the number
One of such complexes – the Ela Quality Resort hotel offers honeymooners an almost paradise holiday in honeymoon rooms. You will be met at the airport with champagne and flowers, and afterwards they will be taken to a VIP-class car to rooms where they will already prepare a romantic atmosphere with satin linen, heart-shaped pillows and pleasant gifts.

In general, in a romantic relationship, the most important thing is the atmosphere. It’s nice that in every room of the hotel for lovers it is set with amazing sea views. Plus, beautiful landscapes are brightened by the “Breakfast of Love” and dinner by candlelight provided for guests.

Honeymoon Lovers Room

In addition, Ela Resort will make free reservations at all restaurants for you. And there are seven of them for a second! French, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Greek, Turkish, even Ottoman cuisines! Every evening you can try something new without any restrictions.

More luxury
Speaking about the Ela Resort, you understand that not just a luxurious vacation awaits here, but a high-level luxurious vacation. At the disposal of the hotel there are breathtaking two-story suites with access to the terrace with a jacuzzi, of which the particularly memorable Ela Prestige Suite is a 375 sqm duplex with its living room, kitchen, dining room and most importantly – a double superior bed.

Master Bedroom Ela Prestige Suite

Although the most demanding lovers will appreciate the separate villas Ela Palace and Sultan Palace even more. The first is made in a modern style – a closed area with a swimming pool, its own kitchen and a garden, the second is a real Ottoman palace with huge crystal chandeliers, stately bedrooms and a courtyard.

Courtyard of Villa Ela Palace

And if your romantic trip reaches a new level, a real wedding ceremony and banquet will be organized right at the villa.

In general, Ela Resort has thought through everything to the smallest detail: they offer the Honeymoon spa program as a gift. Caring Thai people take you to the AB-I ZEN Spa & Rituals Lounge, designed in the style of traditional Turkish baths, where you will have a relaxing massage using organic oils and relaxing in the jacuzzi.


Although you can relax in Turkey everywhere. Therefore, the hotel territory is simply mottled with a pool system with comfortable sun loungers and deck chairs, and there are always small bars nearby where you can take unlimited sets of pin-colada and other refreshing drinks.

At the same time, nobody canceled a vacation by the sea – the beach is equipped with everything necessary. And to capture the brightest moments of relaxation, the newlyweds are invited to immediately hold a photo session with a professional photographer.

Actively relaxing
It is clear that for days on end, lying on deckchairs together will quickly get bored – at least some movement is necessary. The best option is to visit the gym, tennis court or go to a yoga class at the hotel.

Yoga field

But do not forget that we are in Belek! In the main golf center of Turkey.

That is why there are many places around where you are happy to be taught this elite sport. The most popular clubs are Gloria Golf Resort, Robinson Golf Club Nobilis and Antalya Golf Club.

Local golf courses are designed by European designers, and their landscapes are amazing – boundless expanses and pine forests that turn the game into a fascinating quest for the majestic nature of Turkey.

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