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If you cannot live without new things and watch with interest what is happening on the world stage, then you understand why it is worth going abroad for beautiful things. Firstly, this is a great opportunity to purchase designer clothes at competitive prices, and secondly, at the same time you can admire the sights of a city. We have chosen the most interesting options that will surely appeal to all lovers of quality shopping.
In the UAE, you can not only enjoy shopping, but also relax on gorgeous beaches, take sun baths, and also get acquainted with oriental hospitality. Well, where else can you see real oriental exoticism? It is in Dubai that advanced technologies and centuries-old traditions are harmoniously interwoven.

If you want to buy everything at once, we advise you to go straight to the famous Mall of the Emirates, where you can find stores for any budget. The shopping center, by the way, is open until the evening, so you can try on the thing you like, postpone it, devote time to some other entertainment, and then come back and buy what you wanted.

Well, if you like the local flavor, then look into the northwestern part of Deira, where the Golden Bazaar is located, and do not miss the “Spice Market”, or “Spice Market”, which is most consistent with the definition of a classic oriental bazaar.


It is unlikely that anyone will argue with the fact that the largest number of designer boutiques, department stores and showrooms are concentrated in this city, where you can find a breathtaking outfit at a very reasonable price.

Those who are exclusively interested in vintage items are advised to go to the bohemian quarter of Navigli and find one of the most famous shops in the Pourquoi Moi area there. In addition, on the last Sunday of the month in Milan you can get to the antique market Navigli, where everyone can watch some interesting goods, or even not one!


Although advanced girls are betting on Milan, considering it the capital of fashion, we still recommend going to Rome for great deals. Here, first of all, you should study the assortment of numerous shopping centers, and also not to miss the colorful flea market in Porta Portez, where you can find vintage items from the collections of luxury brands and other budget options, and if you are lucky, you will also meet famous designers who come here for inspiration.


Even if you are not a fan of Europe, then in Paris, which is called the city of love, it is worth visiting at least once. And not only in order to admire the extraordinary architecture and plunge into the atmosphere of romance, but also in order to get acquainted with the boutiques of famous designers, where you can buy a truly exclusive thing for a relatively low price.
Therefore, we direct all connoisseurs of beauty straight to the Galeries Lafayette, where about 3,500 brands are represented and things can be found from the latest collections, and lovers of “something intelligent” are advised to drop by the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, where Hemingway and Fitzgerald used to be and other writers.


If you are suddenly lucky enough to be in Japan, namely in Tokyo, then be sure to take the time to shop. After all, this is truly a paradise for shopaholics, where you can easily find a wide variety of quality goods – from electronics to pleasant authentic things.

Go shopping in the Ginzu quarter, where you can find the world’s largest Chanel boutique, Louis Vuitton store, Mikimoto boutique, as well as the largest 3 Mx department stores with famous Japanese brands Matsuya, Mitsukoshi, Matsuzakaya. Also, do not ignore the Akihabara district – the realm of electronics and computer products, and department stores in the Shibuya region.

Hong Kong

Arriving in this city for shopping has become so commonplace that even so-called shopping tours have appeared, during which you can safely walk through the many shops and lower the entire budget to the goods you like. It’s profitable to shop here, because most of the goods are tax-free and really inexpensive, and besides luxury brands you can find a lot of things by local designers who are not inferior to world brands in terms of quality, but come out much cheaper.

In order not to lose time, immediately go to the famous Kowloon Clock Tower, right behind which Canton Road begins, where, in fact, the main number of boutiques of all famous brands is concentrated. Also check out Harbor City, one of Hong Kong’s largest shopping malls, and the Times Square Shopping Mall.


Shopping is considered a kind of national entertainment in Singapore. And all because a huge number of shopping centers, boutiques, street markets and special shops are concentrated here.

For example, in the Central District there are many shopping centers and supermarkets, the largest of which is Suntec City Mall.

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