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Sardinia What to see?

Holidays in Sardinia are striking in their diversity. Comfortable beaches and a pleasant sun – for those who come for a beautiful tan, many attractions and an extensive entertainment program – for lovers of an active, adventure-filled pastime. There are tennis, pedaloes, horseback riding, golf, rental boats and scooters, diving clubs, the opportunity to practice sailing, as well as many other opportunities.

Of particular value are the local attractions, for the sake of visiting which annually a huge number of tourists from around the world come here who buy tours to Sardinia.

Su nuraxi
This complex of nuraga towers is deservedly considered one of the main attractions of Sardinia. It consists of 7000 conical-shaped columns built from basalt more than 25 centuries ago. Grandiose buildings attract many tourists, and almost everyone who visits the island, seeks to visit here. The columns were built from materials extracted from the craters of extinct volcanoes, and today are well preserved. They are evidence of the existence of a mysterious civilization, whose representatives knew how to process metal long before the Europeans learned this.

According to legends, after the disappearance of the civilization that built them, the ancient towers have long been used by pirates as storage for looted treasures.

Costa Smeralda
The name of this coast is interpreted as “emerald coast”, and it is quite true, as true admirers of luxury live here. On the coast you can find many expensive yachts, luxury villas, fashionable hotels, expensive boutiques and restaurants. There are even helicopter landing sites! The coast was chosen by world-famous celebrities. Of course, not every tourist can relax here, but the presence of such a significant resort area on the island clearly indicates that Sardinia is really beautiful. It is worth noting that on the Costa Smeralda there are beaches open for public access, as well as areas where entry is strictly prohibited for outsiders.

Grotto Is Zuddas
There are purely natural attractions in Sardinia. For example, the grotto Is Zuddas, located on the south coast. The grotto is clearly not young: according to scientists, it was formed more than 600 million years ago. Tourists visiting Is Zuddas are given the opportunity to learn bizarre compositions formed by stalactites and stalagmites. If you want to come here, you should think carefully about clothes, since the grotto is not as warm inside as in the street (air temperature does not exceed 16 degrees).

Cagliari, located on the coast of the Gulf of Angels, is the oldest city of the island of Sardinia. Cagliari is divided into two parts by estuaries and it is its Old Part that is most attractive to tourists. There are not many interesting places here, but they are definitely worth a visit. This is the National Museum, which stores ancient frescoes, the bastion of St. Rami and the ancient castle.

Anfiteatro romano di cagliari
The majestic amphitheater is currently about 1800 years old. Despite a very respectable age, it is perfectly preserved thanks to a well-chosen location for construction. The building is located in a limestone rock, and it is to her that Anfiteatro romano di Cagliari should be grateful for her excellent condition today. From the point of view of acoustics, the amphitheater is planned very competently, so bright events are held in it now. Previously, it served as an arena for gladiator fights and various theatrical productions.

Cattedrale di santa maria di castello
For the construction of the Cathedral of St. Mary took about four hundred years, and the beginning was laid back in the distant XIII century. The cathedral has amazing beauty and includes interesting architectural solutions. Inside are the creations of talented artists who lived more than 800 years ago. Near the cathedral is a beautiful square, which, along with a magnificent building, is one of the favorite places for tourists to visit.

Mount Ortobene (Monte Ortobene)
In the province of Nuoro there is the famous Mount Ortobene, to which every year not only tourists from around the world come, but also Italian pilgrims. The main object of the visit is a statue of Jesus ascending after his miraculous Resurrection. This statue is already more than a hundred years old, and its construction was initiated by Pope Leo XIII. At that time, 19 statues were installed throughout Italy, which symbolizes exactly the same number of centuries of the existence of Christianity. Believers believe that a statue on top of a mountain can work miracles and heal people.

Palazzo d’albis
Palazzo d’Albis is located on the northwest coast of the island of Sardinia, in the city of Alghero. The building was erected about four hundred years ago. It is noteworthy that with the advent of the cathedral in the city, the annual tradition to hold music festivals also appeared.


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