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The most visited tourist spots in Asia
Asia is a beautiful continent, here you are waiting for some of the most beautiful places in the world. This continent is rich in various cultures, each attraction has its…

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Koh Samui - a paradise vacation destination for the whole family
Koh Samui is famous for its unusually beautiful nature. It is one of the most popular resorts in the world. Every year, crowds of tourists come here to personally verify…

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Pass passwords
If you cannot live without new things and watch with interest what is happening on the world stage, then you understand why it is worth going abroad for beautiful things.…

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7 most overrated sights of the world

Going on a trip, for sure, you dream of visiting the most popular attractions to take stunning photos and proudly share your experiences with friends and family. And certainly you are not ready for the disappointment that lies in wait in some advertised places, which in reality look less impressive than on the same advertising poster. has compiled a list of attractions that are objectively overrated and are unlikely to give you the positive emotions you are counting on. To compare your expectations with reality, you can move the slider in the photos left-right and clearly see all the differences.
Times Square, New York
Each person entering the Big Apple for the first time considers it his duty to go straight to Times Square, anticipating what impression he will get from what he sees. The sight, by the way, is mesmerizing, but only until you start to feel the rumble of cars and the rumble of a crowd of thousands rushing about their business. Continue reading

Mussomeli, Lokana and other Italian cities

Not so long ago, the public stirred the news that the authorities of the Italian town of Sambuca, located on the southern island of Sicily, decided to sell empty houses for € 1 in order to restore the commune. The proposed option was used by hundreds of enterprising people from around the world and as a result, the buildings dispersed like hot cakes. Seeing the excitement this proposal made, the authorities of the Italian town of Mussomeli, also located in southern Sicily, also decided to put up houses for sale at the price of a cup of coffee. However, before you reach for your smartphone to book a ticket for the next flight to Italy, explore other options where you can buy real estate very profitably.
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Souvenir mysticism

While Russian gourmets mourn the fact that they want to be deprived of the opportunity to bring their favorite jamon and cheese from abroad (exclusively for personal use, of course), we decided to look at the situation from a slightly different angle and discuss those souvenirs and souvenirs that In no case should you drag to your home from a foreign country. Why? Details in the material
Many travelers, trying to surprise friends and relatives, indiscriminately grab talismans, amulets, icons and other exotic items to present all this as an original gift. However, not all of these souvenirs deserve to take a place among other overseas items. Even our ancestors believed that every thing can carry both positive and negative energy, which can harm not only you but also your loved ones. You should especially be wary of traditional trinkets from India, Japan, China, Asia and Africa, Egypt, and so on, because they are not at all as harmless as it seems at first glance. Continue reading

7 countries where you will also be “paid” if you decide to move there

Perhaps it sounds somewhat absurd, but there are several countries in the world that are ready to provide material support to all those who decide to settle on their territory. True, not everything is so simple and it will be necessary to observe several key points. Read more about where you are waiting with open arms – in the material
Asturias, Spain
The small village of Ponga, located in the province of Asturias in the north-east of Spain, is famous not only for being one of the oldest settlements in the country and located in the protected area, but also for its generous (literally) hospitality. The thing is that the authorities of this locality dream of changing the economic and demographic situation, so they are ready to pay € 3,000 to each pair of lovers who are ready to settle in this wonderful place. And if the spouses have an heir, then they get another € 3 thousand (and so on for every child born in the village). Continue reading

Cancu – one of the best resorts in Mexico

Cancun Resort is located in the Caribbean coastal zone on the small Yucatan Peninsula. It is in the TOP 10 best cities for recreation. The resort area includes a narrow strip of coast between the cozy Nichupte lagoon and the warm Caribbean Sea. Diversified shopping centers, clubs and discos, restaurants, hotels and hotels, in general, buildings showing the highest level of resort city infrastructure were built along the entire coast (and this is about 25 kilometers). Cancun is white beaches that seem endless, it is crystal clear water, it is close to many monuments of the civilization of the ancient Mayan settlements. Continue reading

Mussomeli, Lokana and other Italian cities
Not so long ago, the public stirred the news that the authorities of the Italian town of Sambuca, located on the southern island of Sicily, decided to sell empty houses…


Holidays in the Galapagos Islands
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Islands of the Canary Archipelago
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