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European SPA resorts
Europe boasts a large number of spa resorts that offer their guests excellent service and a wide range of treatments. Below we consider the 5 best resorts in Europe that…

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Camping in Europe
Traveling in Western Europe is usually an expensive pleasure. It does not matter whether you live in a European country and want to explore the neighboring countries, or you come…

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What to do in Bali?
Bali ... the name of this island, one of the eighteen thousand in the archipelago of Indonesia, sounds sweet. Whoever doesn’t come here is politicians, and superstars, and relatives, and…

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Elite holidays in Acapulco

Acapulco is a world famous resort on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Every year it attracts several million tourists. And all this thanks to the rich nightlife, very mild, warm climate, well-equipped beaches. This Mexican city is the real night capital of the whole country. At night, the noise and music from restaurants, casinos, clubs and dance floors do not subside. Continue reading

Tunisia – relaxation for everyone

Tunisia is the capital city of the country of the same name. It will make you dizzy from everything around you: the noise of numerous bazaars, the echo of distant prayers and calls, the strict classics in almost all architecture inherited from France, wide spacious boulevards, open cafes where you can drink aromatic coffee with a bun or croissant. In general, Tunisia will definitely take possession of you, surprise and rub itself into rare trust.

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Islands of the Canary Archipelago

The largest island and the most popular resort is Tenerife, located in the heart of the entire archipelago. Like all other islands, Tenerife is formed by a volcanic method. This can be seen in the huge volcano Teide (more than 3 kilometers high), which is the center of the island. Teide is a great landmark for ships sailing past.

Gran Canaria is the second largest island of the Canary Archipelago. It is almost perfectly round in shape, with a diameter of approximately 50 kilometers, and in the center is also located the volcano – Pico de las Nieves. Continue reading

Canary Islands

Resorts of the Canary Islands are now in great demand, primarily due to the ideal climate. Canaries are located in the heart of the tropics and in the trade wind zone. All this makes the weather warm (rather than hot) and very dry. A great distinguishing feature of this zone is the annual temperature difference of not more than 4-5 degrees. Winter is very warm – at least 17 degrees, in the summer – about 21-22 degrees. The temperature of the Atlantic Ocean rarely drops below 20 degrees. Such constancy of weather was ensured by the following factors: the effect of the ocean trade winds and proximity to Africa. Continue reading

Valparaiso: Chile

One of the most interesting cities in Chile, is located 120 kilometers from Santiago – Valparaiso. So, deciding what to see in Chile, it is worth noting this town, too, in its own list of Chilean attractions.

Valparaiso is the second largest city and the main port city in Chile. It was this arrangement that made him the center of colonization. Numerous ships departed from Valparaiso, sent to other countries, therefore the characteristic for Chile populism and the interaction of different cultures comes precisely from here. In fact, Valparaiso is the most striking example of a typical Chilean city. Continue reading

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Valparaiso: Chile
One of the most interesting cities in Chile, is located 120 kilometers from Santiago - Valparaiso. So, deciding what to see in Chile, it is worth noting this town, too,…


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